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Are you interested in volunteering at the 2020 Union Centre Food Truck Rally?

If you would like to know more about each job, below is a list of job descriptions that coincide with the roster. Thank you for your interest! We hope to see you at the Rally! If we can answer any more questions for you, please send us an email: info@ucbma.com.

Food Truck Rally Volunteer Role Descriptions:

Set Up Crew - High level of physical activity; set up tables and chairs, booths and lights, work with ice and other supplies for the day

Beer Pourer - Pour beer and hand it to beer servers

Beer Server - Stand behind cashiers to turn around and grab the beer from the beer pourer and then pass the beer to the customer; allow the cashier to focus on cash box

Beer/Wine Cashier - take cash for drinks, give change, manage the cash box, protect the cash box, focus completely on the cash box

Wine Pourer - Pour wine and hand it to customers

Water/Beer Booth Attendant - distribute water ($1) and Pop ($2)

Beer Captain - Change kegs, *must be able to lift kegs,* teach volunteers as they begin their shifts, manage cup stock, check on adjacent pop/soda booth, check ID's for beer and wine customers (additional instructions are sent to beer captains via email)

Parking Lot Attendant - Ensure everyone parking in the lot is on the list 

Runner - Run between booths, get ice, complete errands, clean tables, offer other help as needed

UCBMA Info Booth - hand out information and answer questions about UCMBA

Companions on a Journey (COJ) Volunteer Booth Attendant - Staffed by Companions on a Journey employees, friends, and clients who can speak to the COJ mission and who can help visitors get more information about COJ

Clean Up Crew - High level of physical activity; taking down tables, chairs, booths lights, etc.

We are working on the online sign up form. Please check back or send us an email at info@ucbma.com

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